Planning for your Wedding at St John’s United Church of Christ

Madeline Island

“The essence of marriage is a covenanted commitment that has its foundation in the faithfulness of God’s love.” – Book of Worship, United Church of Christ

Hello! And congratulations on your upcoming marriage. May this time of preparation be one of increased depth, commitment, and joy. While the planning of attire, receptions, flowers, and honeymoons all contributed to a wonderful celebration, the planning of your marriage and wedding service is just as important. Your ceremony is a sacred moment in time, a moment where others witness your love and you honor those who have and will, support your journey together. 

We look forward to supporting and accompanying you as you plan your wedding. The information below provides a basic outline of what you can expect from us. In general, we ask you to contact us at least six weeks in advance of your desired wedding date.  Please be in touch If you have questions, would like to talk to someone in person, or are ready to schedule your wedding at St John’s! 


Use of St John’s Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall Free for members of St John’s
$500 for non-members
Use of kitchen $50-$100
Janitorial Fee $50
Minister’s Honorarium $150-$200
Organist/Pianist $100-$200

Premarital Conversations with Minister

Our Pastor hopes to have 2-3 conversations with you (in person or via Zoom) that cover the following topics:

  • your relationship and your journey toward the decision to be married
  • your understanding of each other’s personalities, how you manage conflict and disagreements
  • thoughts about sharing a household and managing finances 
  • your shared vision of your current and future family 
  • how you understand spirituality and what role that might play in your marriage 
  • designing a ceremony that is unique to you and your commitment to one another