Troubleshooting Support for Livestream

As we fine-tune our new livestream system, please let us know if you experience any issues with the broadcast. We are still experiencing occasional glitches on our end, but far fewer than before. So, it’s possible one of the following troubleshooting tips might solve the problem:

· If there’s no image at all, or the website shows that we’re off-the-air, please check that the broadcast hasn’t restarted in a new window on the app. If we lose our internet connection at St. John’s, we must restart the livestream in a new window. Sometimes, you might be able to simply refresh your screen to rejoin.

· If you can see the service, but not hear it, check BOTH of these audio controls: the one for your tablet or laptop, and the one in the broadcasting app’s window. Make sure they are turned up, and not muted.

· If you experience moments of screen “static” or freezing, it’s most likely a buffering or bandwidth issue at your end. You might try moving closer to the internet router in your location. If it’s a buffering or memory issue with your computer, rebooting it might solve the problem.

· If none of the above restore the livestream, you should still be able to access the recording of the service, which we try to publish immediately afterwards. Please let us know if you’re unable to access the recording, or if you believe the livestream issue is on our end of things.

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