Constitution and Bylaws – Proposed Changes

At St. John’s Annual Meeting, on July 30, 2023, a proposal was presented from the church council to revise St. John’s Constitution and By-Laws. The changes to the Constitution itself were simple updates in language. The changes in the by-laws have to do with the standing committees of the church. In recent years, not all the committees previously listed have been active, or necessary, so some have been removed or combined with another. In addition, the prescribed membership of the committees were for more members than has been reasonable in a congregation as small as ours, so the number of members required to serve on such committees has been reduced in the proposed document. More committees can be added as desired at any time by the Church Council, in response to the needs of the church. Our constitution requires us to have two congregational votes when making any changes to our constitution or by-laws. We had a unanimous vote at the annual meeting in favor of the changes and now will be conducting the second vote on the 17th of September, directly following the church service. You may view the revised constitution and By-Laws here, as well as the agenda for the September 17th meeting.

Meeting Agenda:

St. John’s UCC Congregational Meeting                                   September 17, 2023, 11 am

  1. Call meeting to Order.
  2. Ask for a Motion to accept the revised Constitution and By-Laws, as presented at the Annual Meeting on July 30th, 2023.  Ask for a second to motion.
  3. Call for any discussion regarding changes to the document.
  4. Ask all members and associate members present or on live stream to vote.
  5. Announce the result of the vote.
  6. Adjourn meeting.

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